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With the rising cost of poultry feeds, farmers rearing chickens are increasingly finding it difficult to make profit from poultry keeping. While it is difficult for farmers to formulate feeds for hybrid chickens such as broilers and layers, they can do so for their indigenous chickens or dual-purpose breeds such as the improved kienyeji chicken, […]

Key Difference between improved KARI and kuroiler breeds.

As kienyeji chickens become more and more popular in Kenya, more and more breeds are entering the market.These improved breeds have higher productivity than the local kienyeji breeds. They have been bred for certain purposes. As a farmer, it is important to take advantage of the different kienyeji chicken breed’s characteristics to fit your purposes. For example, If […]


EPIC CHICKS: ABOUT US OUR COMING TO BE WAS TO PROVIDE AN ALL ROUND SOLUTION TO POULTRY FARMING IN TERMS OF KNOWLEDGE OF SKILLS Epichicks limited is a poultry company which was established years ago. Epichicks deals with supply of latest egg incubators of different sizes, capacities, brands and origin. We also deal with supply […]